NPP - Development In Freedom
Kukrudu - Eshi Rado Rado

About us


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The New Patriotic Platform for Ghanaians (NPP) is a not-for-profit voluntary organization of Canadian-Ghanaians. The organization is affiliated with the New Patriotic Party of Ghana.

The organization aims:

  • to bring together like-minded citizens of Canada and Ghana to strive for Freedom and Justice by the appreciation and protection of human rights and the rule of Law through the practice of true democracy.
  • To build a free and democratic system of government under which all Canadian-Ghanaians will be able to contribute to the welfare, peace, and prosperity of our nation and keep its people free from dictatorship and oppression.
  • To support and promote a vibrant, free-market economy and encourage vigorous participation by citizens in the economic activities.
  • To promote governance system in which private enterprises will thrive through the investment of both Ghanaian and foreign citizens without fear and unnecessary bureaucratic impediments for wealth creation and prosperity for the citizens and people of this country.
  • To mobilize Ghanaians in the diaspora to support the Ghana Beyond Aid agenda of the government.

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